Free Walking Tour Copenhagen Tripadvisor

Free Walking Tour Copenhagen Tripadvisor

Stop by The National Museum during free tour Copenhagen

The National Museum in Copenhagen is considered to be an integral part of the free walking tour Copenhagen tripadvisor.

It is recognized to be the largest museum in Denmark and you can get access to all the exhibitions at
absolutely free of cost here. You are sure to have an impression of Danish history here. This museum is known to be
the must-go destination during your visit to Copenhagen.

Features of The National Museum in Copenhagen

This National museum in Copenhagen city boasts of different exhibitions from the Viking Age, the Stone Age, The
Renaissance as well as the Modern Danish History, and the Middle Ages. Constructed in the year of 1743-44, the
museum is situated in The Prince’s Palace.

The Great Hall is of high elegance for fitting the princesses and princes.
The Gallery comprises of the wide corridor which is related to sleeping features and linked rooms. It boasts of
abundant space for a plethora of exquisite handicrafts. The oak parquet floor, the panels, the stucco in-ceiling appears
to be original.

Permanent collections

This National Museum features the collection of near eastern and classical antiquities, the toy museum along with the
medal collection. You can pay a visit to the Victorian apartment Klunkehjemmet which remained unchanged till the
year of 1890. After different years of reconstruction, Danish Antiquity exhibition re-opens which are inclusive of the
most prominent national treasures like the Bronze Age Egtved Girl, Sun Chariot which is three thousand olds.

Here, you can find the wide collection of archaeological findings from Viking Age. The Huldremose Woman happens to be
another feature of this national museum The well-preserved remains of the Huldremose Woman are known to date to
the 1st decade of 1st century AD.

Ethnographic Collections

As you stop by the National Museum during the free tour Copenhagen tripadvisor, you can find a bundle of ethnographic
collection of items from different regions across the globe. They are collected in the earlier part of the seventeenth
century for different royal curiosities collection. The collection is found to be vast along with galleries which are wide
spread over two floors on the museum.

Magic amulets, mummies and the Children’s Museum

As you pay a visit to the National Museum during free tour Copenhagen, you can find detailed impressions of worldclass
history. You can find a wide array of Egyptian mummies. In addition to this, it also boasts of the Greem marble
figurines which are almost four thousand years old. You can also find a Japanese Samurai suit, different magical
amulets from Greenland and different dramatic Indian Goddesses here. Apart from this, you can also view the
Victorian Home which is the largest luxurious apartment of Rudolph Christensen here. The Prince’s Palace is
recognized to be the prime national Museum building which has the Children’s Museum for the young visitors. You
can examine and touch them. Tourists can play with different items present in the museum, visit the medieval castle
and go for a cruise on the Viking Ship.

You are sure to be amazed by the prehistoric bodies from the bogs and mounds and different treasures from the Viking
raids during free walking tour Copenhagen tripadvisor.