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Visit the Little Mermaid Statue During Copenhagen Free Walking Tour

The sculpture of The Little Mermaid, located at Langerlinje Pier contributes to being one of the well-renowned tourist
attractions of Copenhagen city. This major attraction of the city is just four feet in height. It was in the year of 1913
and is recognized to bask on top of the water locked rock. It is considered to be the inspiration of the ballet
performance of the classic folktale. It was commissioned mainly by the son of the local bear magnate and is known to
grace the waters of the city for almost a century. Do not forget to pay a visit to the Statue during the Copenhagen free
walking tour.


It was in the year of 1909 when Carl Jacobsen, the founder of Carlsberg beer attended the ballet of Fini Henrique and
Hans Beck. The Little history of the Little Mermaid statue traced back from the fairy tale, written by Hans Christian

He was highly impressed with the tale and asked Edvard Eriksen, the Danish Sculptor for creating the
sculpture of Little Mermaid. The statue was unveiled after the time duration of four years at the harbor as the initiative
of the city for the decoration of public areas and parks, having historic and classical figures. Since the date of 23rd
August, it was commemorated as the birthday of the mermaid.

The Little Mermaid is recognized to be the gift from Carl Jacobsen to the Copenhagen city. The sculpture is made of
granite and Bronze. During evening and morning time, she swims to the bottom of the sea surface and perched on the
rock in the water.

She happens to share at the shore for a long time for having the glimpse of her prince. Carl Jacobsen
seems to have fallen with the specific character as he watched the performance of the ballet.
Till the date, it has become the major tourist attraction in Denmark and people prefer to visit it during free tour

It is regarded as one of the well-renowned tourist sports and thus it has become an indispensable part of
must-see tourist spots in the mermaid sculpture.

Facts about The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid statue located in Copenhagen is known to be a copy. The original sculpture is kept at an
undisclosed location. However, it happens to be a legitimate copy. Similarities exist between the Pania of Reef Status
present on the beachfront at the Napier present in New Zealand and the Little Mermaid statue. This statue is 1.25
meters in height.

The headless mermaid

According to sources, the little mermaid statue has been the victim of the vandalism for multiple years. She seems to
have lost her head twice, her arm was seen to sawn-off once. Even paint was poured on her multiple times. However,
she was restored and rescued every time and thus she is found to stay by the water in her place and mesmerize the
tourists who plan to go for free tour Copenhagen.

You can get access to the Little Mermaid Status at absolutely free of cost. You can go for a walk on the Langelinie
road, present along the sea during the Copenhagen free walking tour.