Free Walking Tour Copenhagen

Free Walking Tour Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens: A Magical and Exciting Place

If you are going to take a free walking tour Copenhagen, you need to make sure that tour will make a stop at
the Tivoli Gardens. A favorite among locals and tourists alike, Tivoli Gardens is a 19th-century theme park
that has attractions for both children and adults.

It is conveniently located at the center of the city so there really is no reason to miss it if you are in

Some people say that it is one of the inspirations of Walt Disney in the creation of Disneyworld. The late
Mr. Disney, visiting Tivoli Gardens several times he opened his own amusement park in 1955.
While there, Disney took notes in order to capture the atmosphere of the park and so he can recreate it in


Tivoli Gardens was established in 1843, making it one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. It
became an instant favorite for people who are looking for an interesting place to visit and spend time on.
It was a magical place where children’s fantasies come alive and where adults can become children once
again. The very first ride in the park is a roller coaster. What’s amazing is that the original roller coaster is
still there today.

The roller coaster provided an extraordinary thrilling experience back in the day when exciting rides are just
coming into existence.

Fairy Tale Place

Walt Disney is not the only person who was inspired by Tivoli Gardens. Even the famous Danish author
Hans Christian Andersen was enchanted by the garden and made it an inspiration for one of his fairytales,

So when you walk around the park, you will feel the same energy and awe that Hans Christian Andersen felt.
Maybe it will also lit a spark of creativity in you. When you stroll around the park, you will instantly be
enveloped by the scent of flowers in bloom.

And when you get tired of walking, you can simply take a rest and relax at the Concert Hall Grounds and
just enjoy the view provided by the park’s fountains. When you are at the park, you will feel like you are not
in the city anymore.

You will be transported to a land where fairies, princes, and princesses exist and where magic is real. But the
truth is, the gardens is right at the center of a busy city.


For the young and the young-at-heart, there are exciting rides that can get your heart pumping. Thrill-seekers
will surely get their fix at the aptly named ride called The Demon. The ride will take you 90 feet up in the air
and then plunge you back in the ground.
The coaster reaches speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. Then there is a the Vertigo where you will get
experience 360 spins at the speed of 100 kilometers per hour.
There are also less-dizzying rides for those who just want to have a good time.
With it’s magical environment and thrilling rides, Tivoli Gardens is truly worth a visit.