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Visit Copenhagen – National Aquarium Denmark

The historical city of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is home to a number of historic landmarks as
well as other interesting places and museums. There are many free and budget-friendly things to do in the city and this is what draws thousands of tourists to this city every year. Free Copenhagen walking tour allows you to have maximum fun whether it is visiting the Black Diamond library or taking a shot with Little Mermaid.

There are gardens and picnic areas to take pleasure in as well as places where you can actually watch a
movie for free! But the best activity is to take a free Copenhagen walking tour of the entire city and witness as many
sights and sounds as you can.

Here we are going to discuss a very famous attraction in the city known as the National Aquarium Denmark.

Why is the National Aquarium Denmark So Popular?

This aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in Europe and it is a must-see for children as well as adults. It
hosts more than 400 different species of creatures including sharks and rays. If you would like to see what it
feels like being underwater, this is the place to be.

The area has been built with a center that extends to five
different directions, also known as the “arms”. Visitors can move freely once inside to see the fish and other
animals and have tremendous fun. It is possible to get free admission to the aquarium if you have a
Copenhagen Card in hand

There is a Water Playground inside the facility offering great fun for the entire family. Another place is
known as Tropical Rainforest, which is equally attractive offering a unique experience. Kids will get to learn
about a lot of new species of fish and adults will be able to have an evening full of quality entertainment.

The Aquarium is an Energy-Saving Building

If you plan on opting for free tour Copenhagen, this aquarium is the number one attraction you must see
during your stay in the city. Another prominent feature of the building that makes it different and unique is
its energy efficiency. It saves energy by having low-energy windowpanes along with a seawater cooling

You can tell your kids about the importance of preserving energy so that the future generations
could also enjoy their life just like us.
There are many other attractions and important places close by including Norreport, which is only a 15-
minute journey from the location. This makes the aquarium even more attractive for the tourists.


Copenhagen is a tourist magnet partly because of all the cheap things it offers for a perfect and memorable
vacation. If you’re in Copenhagen even just for the weekend, it is highly recommended that you visit the
National Aquarium Denmark during your free tour Copenhagen.

The amazing underwater experience is something you will not be able to see anywhere else. With the sharks moving around you ferociously as well
as many other animals including the largest freshwater fish, there is simply no match for this kind of
entertainment especially in a foreign city.