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Why a Trip to Copenhagen is Incomplete Without Visiting Kronborg

Danes are constantly ranked as the happiest people on the planet and a simple visit to Copenhagen proves
why. Denmark’s capital is renown for its majestic royal family, elegant architecture and diverse cuisine. This
European gem has survived war, plague and fires to become a major cultural capital at the edge of the Baltic
region. One of the most important tourist attractions of Denmark is Kronborg castle which was built in the
15th century by King Eric of Pomerania. You can enjoy a free tour Copenhagen special deal to marvel at this
iconic structure.

History of Kronborg castle

This amazing fortress is a part of UNESCO’s protected sites and it has served as a critical fortification for
more than four centuries. Its strategic location meant that King Eric could control one of the most important
outlets into the Baltic sea and gave him naval superiority over the region.

Kronborg’s ballroom

There would be no point of talking about a castle before mentioning the most important part which is the
ballroom. Kronborg’s ballroom was the largest in northern Europe when it was first completed. Its walls are
decorated with great renaissance paintings and the ceiling has great chandeliers.

Our free tour Copenhagen provides an insightful visit of this ballroom where a guide provides relevant information on the historical
meetings that have taken place here.

The King and Queen’s royal apartments

The royal rooms are decorated with ornate designs, paintings and chimneypieces. The floor was once tiled
but now it is made from pristinely elegant wood.

The king’s chambers faced the entrance of the castle so that
he could see approaching guests long before they came inside. Visitors on the free tour Copenhagen all get a
chance to marvel at both the king and queen’s chambers to see how royalty sleeps.

Historical cultural significance of Kronborg

Kronborg castle is probably best known for being featured in Shakespeare’s iconic work Hamlet.
Interestingly the play was first acted out in the castle to celebrate Shakespeare’s life 200 years after his death.
The castle garrison acted as castle soldiers from the play itself.

There are also local legends associated with
the castle such as the myth of Olgier the Dane who apparently sleeps in the castle until he is needed in times
of crisis.

Wars and conquests

In 1658 a war broke out between Sweden and Denmark and unfortunately for the Danes they lost and the
invincibility of Kronborg was shuttered through occupation. The Swedish King`s sister even made it into her
personal home and entertained foreign dignitaries .

It was at this time that the castle lost some of its best art work and sculptures. Kronborg’s defences were later strengthened until it became the most powerful fortress
in Europe.

In the 19th century it was temporarily transformed into a prison where the worst criminals
performed hard labor. It was at this time that the castle’s prestige diminished until the 20th century when it
became a tourist attraction.

Kronborg Souvenirs

Visitors at Kronborg can buy various souvenirs that come with an aristocratic touch. Ranging from jewellery
and porcelain to toys and clothes there is a near infinite number of items to buy in order to commemorate
such a historic trip.