Free Guided Tour Copenhagen


Copenhagen Bakken Park

If you search for a free guided tour Copenhagen, Bakken Park is what you’ll find a pleasure in visiting.
Amongst lots of attractions that Copenhagen provides, this one has a special vibe, being the oldest
amusement park in the world.

The park is located 10 km north of the Danish capital, in the middle of animpressive woodland. It has a wide

variety of attractions and recreation facilities for families that seek an escape in a sunny weekend day from

the city’s hustle and bustle. The historic ambience is preserved through
wooden amusement structures, stone sculptures and unsophisticated stalls with food and drinks owned by
local merchants.

An icon of the park is a wooden roller coaster that entertaints the visitors for 82 years.

Bakken is uniquely located on a wonderful hill covered in woods that provides a majestic atmosphere of
communion with nature and peace. It makes the park a perfect location for leisure spent in a fun ambience
with your family.

Besides providing magnificent nature views, the park abounds in attractions for children
and facilities, such as: pubs, restaurants and bars. While taking a free guided tour Copenhagen, tourists can
enjoy a myriad of amusements and thrill rides that are spread all over the park area. The attractions are
available for all types of thrill seekers.

Those that are not big fans of adventure and risk can try such
amusements as: funny house, 5D cinema that shows 4 captivating short films, laser shoot out, bumper cars,
and carousels for both adults and children.

At the same time, those that like venturing out in thrilling and
heart-pounding rides can try roller coasters, ghost train, water slides and a 30m tall drop tower. The park has
also a water basin that features a lot of amusements the whole family.

The ship

There is a variety of boats and ships
that you can use for such exciting attractions as: water shoot out and swinging Viking ship.

Besides fun rides, Bakken Park provides a wide selection of gaming halls, shooting arcades and other
entertainments that can engage the entire family in a funny competition. An icon of the park is considered
clown Pjerrot. The mascot comes every day in the park, entertaining the kids with hilarious gestures, dances
and tricks.

Also, you have the chance to listen to live music and watch spectacular cabaret shows.
Moreover, Bakken abounds in pubs, food stalls, eateries, bars and restaurants that feature food from Danish
kitchen and other international cuisines.

The visitors have access to a rich and various menu, starting from
fastfood and finishing with sophisticated expensive dishes. Your first free guided tour Copenhagen will have
you giving a try to the most popular Danish foods, including: Danish hot dogs and local sandwiches.

The pubs and bars serve a variety of beer and other drinks, like wine, water, and coffee that you can enjoy while
taking a view through the window at the wonderful greenery of the park. Also, you can indulge in an icecream
paradise with lots of colors and tastes.