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Enjoy Budget Shopping in Stroget Street in Copenhagen


Stroget is regarded as one of the longest pedestrian shopping streets in Denmark. It came into being as the car-free zone during the year of 1962. It is known to stretch a bit under the mule and there is find a wide assortment of large shops and boutiques of different price ranges here. It is more than a busy street and is known to encompass a large area of different side streets as well as historic town squares. If you are a shopping lover, do not forget to visit Stroget during Copenhagen free tour. If shopping is not your cup of tea, you can also indulge in a plethora of activities here.

Shops present on Stroget Street

During the trip to Stroget, you are sure to pass by the streets of Gammel Torv, Frederiksberggade, Vimmelskaftet, Nygade, and Ostergade. Each one of them is known to have a plethora of historic buildings and shopping districts. The Kongens Nytorv is located at the end end of the street of Stroget and has different theaters and shops.

At the end of the Stroget street, you are sure to find a bunch of designer boutiques like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Boss, to name a few. The Stroget Street boasts of a wide array of specialty stores which are inclusive of the iconic brands like Georg Jensen Silver, Royal Copenhagen porcelain factory to name a few. The Guinness World Records Museum happens to be a must seen attraction of Strogen Street during the free tour Copenhagen. Here, you will find the tallest man in the world at the entrance of the museum.

Entertainment and food

The Stroget is not only a well-renowned shopping street in Copenhagen city. It has earned a high reputation for a wide array of attractions, activities, dining, and entertainment. During the free tour Copenhagen at Strogen, it’s possible find a bundle of eateries, sidewalk cafes and restaurants which boast of organic hot dogs, Danish foods, fast food, Irish fare, kebabs, to name a few.

Do not forget to pay a visit to the Danish chocolatiers and bakeries at Strogen Street. You can sit for a complete meal in those of those restaurants, present in the Strogen Street.  Other tourist attractions in Stroget Street  In case you are searching for the tourist destinations in the arena.

You can have a look at the City Hall Square, Stork Fountain, Church of Our Lady, Royal Danish Theater, and City Hall Tower.

You might be  also visit the art galleries and museum here. If you are willing to view the Royal Guard along with the band march, appearing from the Rosenberg Case, you need to reach the place by the afternoon time.  Strget has earned a high reputation among the street performers owing to the total number of pedestrians which pass through the place daily.

You will find magicians, acrobats, musicians and different performing artists in Amagertorv Square in the hustle and bustle of the street. If you are willing to participate in games, pay a visit to the con artists near the City Hall Square. Whether you want to go for budget shopping or a luxury one, do not forget to stop by Stroger Street during copenhagen free tour.